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Is it legal to use PredictWind whilst racing?

Rule 41 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) state "A boat shall not receive help from any outside source, except ...", and the exception 41 (C) which states "help in the form of information freely available to all boats;" The interpretation given for the words “freely available” as used in RRS 41(c) was "free of cost" for all competitors. Therefore during racing, competitors are limited to only using the free package of PredictWind. Please note the free package of PredictWind includes the 7 day 8km & 60km resolution forecasts maps, 12 day 100km resolution GRIB files and Maps, and 1km resolution forecasts in the tables/graphs.

We recommend that competitors create a free account (in addition to their paid account) that they can legally use whilst racing. Before the start of the race competitors may use the PredictWind paid packages.

The Notice of Race/Sailing Instructions for any particular event may allow the use of PredictWind during racing. We recommend that competitors lobby the organising committee to make a provision to allow the use of PredictWind whilst racing. In our opinion the reasons are compelling to make a case to the organising committee.

1) It is impossible to know if competitors are using the free or paid PredictWind packages during a race.

2) PredictWind is a widely used public service, and whilst not free of charge it is very inexpensive in relation to the costs associated with yacht racing.

If you have any questions please contact us at we welcome any feedback on this important issue!