PredictWind Help Center

How to Setup the Satellite Communicator

These instruction are only for the Satellite Communicator, and should NOT be used by Iridium GO customers

If you have purchased the Satellite Communicator you can receive Automatic Weather Routing Updates. As the Satellite Communicator contains a GPS, the weather routes are sent automatically, based on your last position report.

All settings will be used from the last weather routing on the forecast website. So it is very important to set up your initial route in the website first, including the start and destination waypoints, the boats polar, and resolution of the model.


  • Select the satellite communicator tab on this web page.
  • Enter the Tracking ID which is the email address supplied by PredictWind ( then click 'on' to enable tracking, and click the 'save' button.
  • Next click the 'On' button to enable automatic updates and make your selection for forecast length and update format, then click on the 'save' button.

The Automatic weather updates will be emailed every 12hrs to the Satellite Communicator using the course you have setup in the weather routing. 

The start position will always be the position of your boat. It is approximately US$2 for a 3 day of forecasts, US$4 for a 6 day of forecast and US$6 for a 9 day forecast. These costs are purely Iridium Satellite Communication charges. 

Please remember to turn off the automatic updates when you reach your destination to prevent unnecessary communication charges.