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How to use GPS Tracking

GPS tracking allows friends and family to view a GPS track of your boats current position and track. There are 2 methods to do GPS tracking.

1) Iridium GO! GPS Tracking

For GPS Tracking we recommend the Iridium GO! as this device has full global coverage, so friends/family will always be able to see your position.

We create a custom web page for your boat which you can insert into your website or Blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family. The tracking updates are hourly, and the tracking website is updated every minute.

Note: If you purchase the Iridium GO or SIM card from PredictWind, you only need the Standard subscription of PredictWind to get the tracking web page. If you have not purchased the Iridium GO! SIM card from PredictWind, you will need the Professional Package to get the tracking web page.

2) iOS/Android GPS Tracking

If you are going to always be in mobile phone coverage you can use the iOS/Android
Tracker App.

Get the Tracker App for iPhone
Get the Tracker App for Android

To perform personal tracking you select "Personal Tracking" and turn tracking on, then from the "View Tracking" page click on the "share" button (just to left of Search field) to get your tracking page link to share with friends/family.