PredictWind Help Center

How to Change Departure Planning Settings

Departure Planning preferences can be set from the top of the weather routing page.

NOTE: To save any of these settings you must click on the 'Plan Departure' button

Space Departure

You can choose to plan your departure 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours apart to choose the best time to leave on your next offshore passage.

Land Avoidance

Land avoidance is automatically enabled in the standard and professional packages. The routing algorithm automatically avoids the land. The land avoidance uses 50m resolution data which will give great results in most cases. Please check all your waypoints are in the water for best results. You will also need to check the route does not cross the land, or any shallow areas, and is fit for navigation.


Polars define the performance of the yacht/power boat in different wind/wave conditions. It is important to define this accurately, so the optimal route is correct.

Polar Speed Adjustment

You have the option to adjust the polar speed by a percentage. If, for example, you are delivering a boat short handed and expect the boat performance to be slow by 20%, please apply 80% to the Polar Speed Adjustments.


A list of popular yachts are listed. Select the closest yacht from the drop down list as well as motoring speeds below a certain wind speed if you are cruising or delivering a racing yacht.

Power Polars

This allows you to define a polar curve for a power boat. Simply fill in the boat speeds for the different conditions, and the performance curve will be calculated.

Sail Polars

Similarly this allows you to define a basic polar curve for a yacht. Simply fill in the boat speeds for the different conditions, and the performance curve will be calculated.

Advanced Polars

Allows you to edit and save your own custom polar curve to match the performance of your boat. Simply change the numbers, being careful to keep the same format, and spacing. Please use spaces not tabs.  The polar will be automatically saved after you perform a routing.

Wave Polars

Wave Polars adjust the boats performance depending on the wave forecast. This table allows you to adjust performance of the boat in all wave conditions. Use a % factor for the boat speed in the table below in various wave conditions. This is particularly important for light displacement boats.

The wave polars angles are the angle of the wave relative to the direction of the boat. ie 0 degrees is a wave approaching from the bow and 180 degrees is a wave approaching from the stern.

Tidal & Ocean Currents

If this option is selected the routing algorithm uses the tidal & ocean currents to find the fastest or most comfortable route. The data is displayed in the routing results - graphs, and currents tab.