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How to Export the Optimal Weather Route

After completing a weather route you can export the weather route in a GPX format to your GPS or Navigation software.

All 4 weather routes (PWG/PWE/GFS/ECMWF) can be exported, however we recommend that you export the active route.  Create waypoints that are the average of the 4 routes, or follow the majority of the routes.  Then select "Select Route: my waypoints" to export the waypoints.

Please bear in mind the optimal route is showing the trend, and the general course to follow. It relies on the forecast and your boats polar being accurate.  It is not "turn by turn" GPS car navigation system, so some interpretation is needed.  The route should be updated every 12 hours.

In addition the optimal weather route should be revised for navigational purposes. The 50m resolution land avoidance is an approximation of the coastline, and there is no concept of depth. Therefore the route may cross shallow areas, land, reefs and rocks. It is the user's responsibility to modify the route to avoid these navigational hazards.