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Iridium GO! Firmware Upgrade Version 2.1.8

Please check you have the latest Iridium GO firmware, by opening the Iridium GO! app, login, and go to the Help icon, click on the "about" menu. The Iridium GO! Firmware version should be 2.1.8     It is critical that you have the latest firmware for a reliable connection and the Apps to work. 

The Iridium GO! device contains an internal website portal which can be used to upgrade the firmware. You will need a Laptop, and a high speed internet connection to download the Firmware file.  


  1. Download the Firmware  (50MB file) from this link IridiumGO_Portal_upgrade_2_1_8
  2. On your laptop connect to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi.
  3. Open an internet browser (recommend Chrome) and enter in the address bar. Press Enter on your keyboard, and login with an administrator account (by default “guest” & "guest").
  4. Please go to the System tab (top right) and select the Firmware file to upload.
  5. Once complete you will need to do another power off/on of the Iridium GO!