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How to Download Data on a Satellite Connection

If you do not have an Iridium GO, but are using any other Satellite device we highly recommend you use an Optimizer.  

Why buy an Optimizer?

  1. This device can connect to any Satellite System to create a Wifi hotspot for any easy connection of laptops, phones & tablets.
  2. The Optimizer contains all the software device drivers, so all software interface issues are eliminated.
  3. The Optimizer contains a firewall to prevent unwanted windows downloads (for example) over your satellite connection.
  4. Get weather downloads direct into the PredictWind Offshore App, so you do not need to go through the numerous steps for an email request.

You can purchase an Optimizer from Please note the cost is only US$149.  You do not need to buy Xgate software, only the hardware. 

If you do not want to buy an Optimizer, and have email setup for your Satellite Connection, you can retrieve all weather data using an email request

 Set-up Instructions for Offshore App and Optimizer

  • Open the Offshore App, and go to Preferences > Optimizer and select your connection type.  Then close the preferences
  • Ensure the Wifi on your laptop is connected to the Optimizer. 
  • To do a download with the Optimizer, click on the Download Button, then "Next", then select the "Optimizer" Tab.