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How to Setup Iridium GO! Tracking



  • Login to your account at on a Laptop/Desktop web browser (not a Android/iPhone/iPad). Select Tools > Weather Routing > Iridium GO! Tab top right. 
  • Enter your Iridium GO! phone number. You can send an SMS text message from the Iridium GO! App to your mobile phone to find your Iridium phone number. Please note do not include the "+" in front of the Iridium number. In addition please check you have no spaces in the Iridium number. 
  • Click 'on' to enable tracking, and click the 'save' button.
  • Once the green 'Saved' appears, you have finished setting up your Iridium GO! tracking on the webpage.
  • Open the Offshore App on your PC/Mac and make sure you are connected to your Iridium wifi.
  • Go to PredictWind Offshore in the top left corner > select Preferences.
  • Click on 'Iridium GO!'
  • Enter 'guest' as your username and password (this should not be changed).
  • Click 'Verify Settings.'
  • Turn your Tracking ON and your GPS ON.
  • Click on 'Apply Changes.'
  • Once these settings are saved, GPS tracking messages will be sent automatically every hour even if the PredictWind Offshore App is shut down. You will need to keep the Iridium GO! turned on for the GPS tracking messages to be transmitted.  The tracking messages are sent via SMS, so there are no additional charges on the GO unlimited, or GO surf plans. 

Please contact us at PredictWind to get your customised GPS Tracking web page setup. We simply need to know your boat name.

You can insert this page into your website or blog. Alternatively, you can just email the website link to friends and family.


Please see an example of the tracking at

By default the tracking data is kept for 9 months, and then incrementally deleted. For customers who required the track to be kept for longer periods we can extend the deletion schedule out to 24 months. Please contact us on

The GPS tracking is only available if you have brought the Iridium GO Sim card from PredictWind, and have purchased the PredictWind Standard package.   If you have not purchased the Iridium GO Sim card from PredictWind you will need the Professional package.

If using GPS tracking on Iridium GO Basic Plan the cost for each SMS message is US$0.25  For GPS tracking we suggest the GO Plus/GO Unlimited Plans as these plans offer unlimited SMS messages for free.