PredictWind Help Center

How to Download and View Departure Planning

Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen Mode, or follow the instructions:

The departure Planning is used before you start your trip, to determine the best time to leave.

• Select 'Departure Planning' from the left menu and move your start and destination points to desired locations.

• Click on the 'Download' button.

• Select the Weather Routing and Departure Planning section. Make sure Departure Planning is selected.

• Click on the settings wheel.

• Change the time zone and date and adjust your polar speed.

• Choose how many hours you would like to space your departures out by and select PWG/PWC as your forecast model.

• Click on the red 'x' button when you have finished changing your settings.

• Click 'next.'

• Click 'download all' and wait for your file to download.

• Select the 'close' tab to view your departure plan.

• Select show tables to show your data, or hide tables to hide the data.