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How to use Weather Routing Results

The Google map displays the route for the PWE (red dots), PWG (blue dots), GFS (green dots) and ECMWF (yellow dots) forecasts. 

 A number of features become available on the map once the routing is calculated.

  • The play button and slider then animates the route and location of your boat as represented by the large white boat on the google map.
  • The PWG/PWE buttons allow you to display the 100 km resolution weather model in sync with the boat position. Turning the weather off will speed up the display of the Google Map when zooming and panning.
  • By clicking on the coloured waypoint dots you can see the wind, course, wave and  information. This will allow you to see at what time you will reach a geographic location, and correlate the wind information with the track.
  • The Results table (located by clicking on the 'Tables' tab next to the TimeZone/Calculate box) shows the weather and track information for both forecasts. Click on the tabs to see a summary, graph, swell & current data. 
  • In the table you can select to export either the desired route. Click on the "GPX" button to get a file of the waypoint information in the GPX (GPS exchange) format so that you can upload the waypoints to any GPS. You will need to check the route does not cross any rocks, or any shallow areas and therefore is fit for navigation.
  • Alternatively you can also display the route on Google Earth using the KMZ format. Simply open the file and it will automatically be displayed and saved on Google Earth. 
  • You can shift the way points at any time and recalculate the route.
  • Please note, the forecast will run for a maximum of 14 days. Beyond 14 days, the model forecast is not accurate.
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