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How to use Weather Routing Results

The map displays the route for both the PWE (red dots), PWG (blue dots) forecasts, GFS (green dots) & ECMWF (yellow dots) forecasts.

A number of features become available on the map once the routing is calculated.

  • The play button and slider then animates the route and location of your boat as represented by the large white dot on the google map.
  • To view the results table, use the scroll down feature on the very right of the map (looks like rectangles stacked above each other).
  • The Results table below the map shows the weather and track information for both forecasts. Click on the arrow buttons to see the other tables - summary, graph, swell & current data. 
  • You can shift the way points at any time and recalculate the route.
  • Please note, the forecast will run for a maximum of 14 days. Beyond 14 days, the model forecast is not accurate.


Click here to view How to change Weather Routing Settings.
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