PredictWind Help Center

Installation Tips

  1. Please allow 1-3 days (depending on your technical level) to setup the Iridium GO and Offshore App. You should aim to complete this process at least 4 weeks before your departure date.  In our extensive experience, customers who do not schedule this time before departure, do not complete the set-up process and this leads to frustration and disappointment – so please assign time for the installation/setup process.
  2. The main unit should be installed in a position in the cabin where it will have GPS reception i.e. high in the cabin and near a window. The external antennae repeats the Iridium signal but not the GPS signal necessary for tracking. At present there is no external Antennae for the Iridium GO! that will boost the GPS signal.
  3. The external antennae needs to be mounted where it has the best possible view of the sky with minimal obstruction to get the best possible Iridium signal level. If on a yacht we recommend installing the antenna near the pushpit area, and not on the yacht mast.
  4. Please avoid mounting the external antenna near any radar that is 4KW or higher. If mounting near radar please mount above the radar. VHF & GPS antennae will not cause signal interference, but it is important they are not obstructing the Iridium GO antenna view of the sky/horizon. 
  5. Please avoid mounting the antennae within 2 meters of a wind generator which may cause electrical interference. 
  6. The black co-axial cable is not designed to be bent around any hard corners. Please be careful of the smaller co-axial cable going into the Iridium GO! and the connector. This is quite delicate. Please secure the co-axial cable with cable ties, so there is no strain on the small connector into the unit.

Please download the instructions on how to install the Iridium GO! wall mount.