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How to Setup Forecast Alerts

The forecast alerts allow you to set desired criteria, and to automatically be emailed/notified if the conditions are met. For example, if you would like to know if the wind will be above 20 knots on Saturday or Sunday, simply set up an alert.


  • To set up a forecast alert, click on 'Forecast Alerts' from the main menu.
  • Change the settings to match your desired conditions for this location. The repeat daily option allows you to quickly setup the hours of the alert for the week.
  • You can choose to have the alert emailed to you, or simply have a notification pop up on your iPad.
  • Click 'Save' when you are happy with your desired conditions.
  • You will then be emailed/notified in advance when your criteria are met. The alerts are delivered every 12hours when the PredictWind forecasts are updated.
  • To clear an existing alerts settings select 'Clear' at the bottom of the Alert page.
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