PredictWind Help Center

How to Download Current GRIB Files

  • Move your start point (green) and your destination point (red) to your desired locations. Each time you change your route the App automatically selects the relevant current files.
  • Click ‘Download’ button from the left menu
  • Select the 'Ocean & Tidal Currents' checkbox . The total file size to receive via email is shown above the download button
  • Click ‘Next' & 'Download All"
  • The Current GRIB files cannot be displayed in the Offshore App at present. This  feature will be available in the future. In the meantime please use another GRIB viewer. 
  • To get current data whilst offshore (the GRIB files are very large) we recommend using the PredictWind weather routing.  If you have the Professional package, and the Tidal and Ocean Currents option selected in the preferences, the routing calculates the optimal route using wind & currents.  The current data for your trip is displayed in the weather routing results as a graph, or as a table in the currrents tab. 


  • All current data is sourced from - the world leader in Ocean & Tidal Currents.
  • The large ocean areas are data from the TideTech 'Combined Ocean & Tidal Current' areas. The smaller areas are data from the TideTech 'High Resolution Tidal' areas